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Presence of Flow

Presence of flow

There is a lot of talking about being in flow and the presence of flow and here is how I perceive this conscious state of infinite bliss, ecstasy and love and how to promote its presence within you.

Did you ever experience the state of creativity that consumes you through a creative activity and feeling the sense of time ceases to affect you. Here is the first key to unlock the presence of flow in your life. Induce this state of presence in your life regularly and become familiar with its features and effects on you.

Taking a step further, you will need presence in the heart to connect yourself with your authentic core vibration and let go of the minds restrictions on your capacity to feel and expand. We are usually too busy stuck in the mind, that we miss the opportunity to exercise opening the heart and being present here.

In order for a permanent state of flow to become present through you, you will have to be a stabile grounding to the Earth through the body.

You should be rooted in your body with a feeling of gratitude and trust in the divine.

In order to open up this state of bliss you will have to give your mind and your body the space and opportunity to free you.

Practicing authentic movement of the body will help you to let the body talk to you and expand to honest cooperation with your physical body.

Promoting a positive and loving body image is important to opening into the core of your heart.

Letting go of obstacles is the next key on your quest to promote flow. Freeing your mind by accepting what is present will allow you to focus from your core vibration. If you accept, what is there from a state of full acceptance from the heart all obstacles will dissolve and you will see only possibilities.

Practicing a meditative or accepting mind through focus exercises will enable you to experience your reactions in the mind as separate from your core authentic vibration. When this is accomplished, you can choose whether you find it appropriate to react with the emotional state or choose not to react.

You will experience that if you choose not to react to a restricted mindset the reaction will dissolve by itself.

It will take small steps in the beginning and many reactions will come out emotional and restricted in it expression but this is ok because it is a practice. In time and through many opportunities to exercise this ability you will discover it becomes easier to stay in non-reaction and the few moments of bliss will become more permanent and the reactions will be fewer and fewer.

Even here the reactions is okay, you just realize what happened and take full responsibility and come back to the core heart vibration and flow further.

These alterations or fine-tuning in your being enables flow to work through you permanently giving you the opportunity to access the states of infinite love, bliss and ecstasy. The original state of presence that shows all your potential and authenticity and what you have been working so long to acknowledge, remember and embrace will change your life completely.

When you step through to this state, you are inclined to stay there.

You are now present in a constant feedback state where you receive response from the core energy of our divine planet and where you can observe, interact and above all Love everything in your surroundings.

If your heart was shielded in order to avoid exterior influences, you will now be able to slowly open up like a rose on a sunny spring day. The flower petals of your heart will open, stretch, and slowly become your first means of silent communication with the surroundings.

The petals fills with the music, the vibration of your heart and when the rose in your heart is completely full of the authentic energy you carry inside, it will shoot out first to fill your whole physical body, then your full aura and then it will radiate out of your being at all that come near you.

The sensation of being in this state is blissful and ecstatic love and beauty. The feeling of constant gratefulness fills you and you trust in the flow to guide you wherever your vibration is required.

Here you will feel totally in tune with your divine purpose and mission here in this life.

Flow in bliss, ecstasy and love.

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