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Positive perspective on life.

It has always been my privilege to have a very positive perspective on life. I look at life as a learning experience and I use my intuition as my compass in life in a positive cooperation with my heart and mind.

It doesn't make the challenges I meet in my life less challenging or less painful, but it helps me to embrace the challenge and get through it, feeling much stronger when the challenge is integrated in my life as a lesson learned.


It was when I first discovered the potential and huge amount of creative power; when making a cooperation between my body, mind and soul; that I realized my true self and my connection to this beautiful planet. I felt for the first time, that I was truly at the right place, at the right time and being aware of the significance of this knowledge.


Curiosity towards finding reasons.

I have been working with myself since I was a child growing up, and getting through many challenges in childhood with only a small amount of self reflection and a lot of issues suppressed deep in my subconsciousness. This had a huge impact on my relationship with my emotional life, my mind and my body. 


Being aware that there had to be a reason for my behavior, I became extremely curious about how I work in terms of dealing with my thoughts, my emotions and why I was behaving the way I did. 

I have developed my own way of working on a thought, an emotion or any behavior after being inspired throughout my life, by a lot of psychological experts and spiritual teachings.


It has so far been a very interesting journey and I only look forward to see what other positive effects I can create with Integral Healing Therapy.

Learning from others and giving it back by educating others.

I have always been interested in people and how people relate to each other and to the environment.

I completed an education in administration, but experienced from the start that my office (no matter where I worked) was the go to place and be able to speak and be heard and seen when any challenge was tough. My colleagues could talk, yell, cry, confide and release their emotional load in my office and leave released, refreshed, nourished and more or less at peace.


These countless experiences made me focus on educations that could give me more tools to connect with people on a much deeper level.

I took an education as a healer from the heart, where I am the facilitator of the energy required for the perfect healing of an individual or a place.

I have been for the last +20 years been an active light-worker, sending healing to the Earth and cooperating with the angelic/star realms because this is a deep calling for me to assist Earth.


Then I completed an education in Phytotherapy to use natural remedies on clients, friends and family.

I also had the opportunity to take a full education as Psychotraumatologist-RITS. This is a special tool to talk with people who are affected by traumatic stress and I help people integrate past experiences into their life with the goal of finding the reason behind the experience and relieving the emotional load on the everyday life and clients.


Then I became interested in educating others and have spent 7 years teaching and guiding practitioners in how to relieve traumatic stress on clients. I love doing that and still learn more about how people relate and how their life baggage is affecting their decisions in life. 


Then I started my own company Heart of Chela, where I offer Integral Healing Therapy through Yoni  Mapping Therapy, Heartworks Lomi Lomi and Online Coaching.

I enjoy facilitating Women's Circles and workshops and retreats for men and women. The focus is very much on facilitating a safe space for people to connect from the heart, from an authentic space.

A safe and sacred space for women to tune into their inner feminine essence and support them to integrate more nuances and qualities from the divine feminine. I'm dedicated to facilitate a sacred perspective on women and their relationship with their body and sexuality.

During the year several groups and workshops are open for sign up's. Such as:

The Sacred Lingam workshop - for women

Sacred Shakti Circle - 14 weeks women's circle

Sacred Yoni Circle - 14 weeks intensive women's circle

All events are described and listed with date, prices and location in events on my facebook page:

Heart of Chela. Please read about the event on Facebook before asking about details.

Contact me 

I offer Integral Healing Therapy in different sessions that digs right into the challenges, once at a time and to the core of the issue, giving you tools, exercises, meditations and reflections to help you become experienced in working with yourself, to promote your authenticity to surface and open your heart for deeper connections with yourself and others.

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