Michaela Bundgaard 


is a trained Psychotraumatologist RITS, Yoni Mapping Therapist - The Bliss Method and Heartworks Lomi Lomi practitioner.


She is a highly skilled and embodied healer, teacher and workshop facilitator. 

She is deeply dedicated to assist and support people to live a more grounded and heart opening life. 

You can follow Michaela's activities on her Facebook page Heart of Chela.

She offers all sessions in English. Read more about the sessions in the menu and prices are also listed there.

All sessions are offered in Hillerød, just 30 minutes North of Copenhagen in her beautiful session room on Slangerupgade 9. The entrance is on the right side of the building.

Bookings and questions:

You can contact Michaela directly to book your session or if you have questions by email: heartofchela@gmail.com or by tel. +45 6018 4808

Yoni Mapping Therapy - The Bliss Method

Yoni Mapping is an integrated modality that embraces all aspects of ourselves and works on each level – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and sexual – with the intention that women who experience these sessions can get to know themselves more fully – to discover the potential of their Yoni, and come to a place of love, respect and honouring for themselves.

2,5-3 hours Kr. 1950,-

Heartworks Lomi Lomi

Heartworks Lomi Lomi is a beautiful massage, based on intuition and focus on the person receiving.

​It is given in long relaxing and rhythmic strokes accompanied by appropriate music throughout the whole massage.

It's a deep and sensual massage modality where it is possible to release the tensions we store in the body from all kinds of experiences. F.ex. states of tension like stiff neck, pain in shoulders/back or even headache.

1,5 hour Kr. 750,-


A Healingmassage session gives you the opportunity to dive deep into yourself and allow blockages and old trauma to release in a safe and loving space. Michaela is known for her trustworthy calmness and peace and her loving warm hands.


Healingmassage can be a time for selflove and pampering where the only thing to do is receive.

However a Healingmassage can also be a therapeutic session.

2 hours Kr. 1250,-

Healing from the heart

A peaceful and calm space where Michaela makes her heart and bodies available for the energy that is ready for you.


The effects of a healing are as diverse as there are clients.


Some experience a deep anchoring into the body like never before experienced and a deep sense of peace as a result.

Some experience they get in contact with deeper emotional layers within, than they normally do in their daily life.

Some experience old trauma releasing in tears and presence. Some feel their bodies more clearly.

The Healing can activate the receiver on many levels (physical, ethereal, astral, mental and on soul level) and can be deeply releasing.

1 hour Kr. 650,-

Trauma Release

Serious experiences can effect and prevent you from living your fullest potential if they are unresolved. They will affect your boundries and your behaviour. Trauma Release is a gentle and emphatic short term therapy and it has a direct emotional release on your being. 

Kr. 850 per session

Spiritual Counselling

A session with a focus in your current situation, challenge or behaviour. In a safe and emphatic space with loving support you are guided to a deeper connection with yourself and your surroundings.

Kr. 650 per hour

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