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Yoni Mapping Therapy

Do you want to bring more awareness and love into your womb and increase sensitivity and arousal in your life?

Do you long for a greater connection with yourself? 

Are you ready to get access to your body's ultimate feminine power?

Do you wish to connect deeper with your feminine core and essence?

Do you want to learn how to access the magical superpowers of your Yoni and womb space?

Do you wish to promote healing of traumas, blockages and tensions? 


Yoni Mapping is an integrated therapy modality developed by Bonnie Bliss – a gentle and respectful ‘Guided Tour’ of your most intimate and mysterious inner world, with the intention of supporting you to reconnect with your own innate body wisdom.

‘Yoni’ is the sanskrit word for vagina, meaning ‘sacred space’. The vagina is indeed a sacred space, it is literally the place from which human life is actually birthed… yet somehow many of us have lost this sense of sacredness and reverence for our Yonis.


We don’t always treat them with love and respect, and sometimes we even repeatedly allow others to treat them in a way which is not honouring.

In our society, many women are shut off from their Yoni and their sexuality, not always aware of the impact this has on the other areas of life, when we suppress something so essential.

As a result women experience lack in arousal, pain during intercourse, cronic tensions, dryness and the feeling of a void after sex.


When we block the flow of our sexual energy, then tensions, blockages, repressed emotional issues get stored in the Yoni.

Yoni Mapping Therapy is all about connecting for the first time or reconnecting with this beautiful part of our body and learning about the infinite potential that we all have

within us.

Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions create a space for presence, relaxation, deep vulnerability and truth telling, raw messy reality and total unconditional acceptance of you exactly as you are.

These sessions welcome and embrace the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual AND sexual aspects of ourselves. We are not seen as just a body, or just a mind, but a whole human being.

Even though we sometimes work quite specifically, in Yoni Mapping there’s nothing we are trying to change or fix, no place to get to and no pushing or forcing. It’s about being present with whatever arises throughout the session, without judging it or labelling it as “good” or “bad”.

All of you is welcome – whatever that looks like. And truly it can look like almost anything!

Why do women want to experience Yoni Mapping?

Women come to receive Yoni Mapping Therapy for a huge variety of different reasons – and any woman can benefit from a session.

Although we make no specific claims about what Yoni Mapping Therapy does specifically or what results you will have personally (every woman is different and each session is different) there are some common themes that women choose to explore in sessions.

Here are some of those themes:

  • She wants to explore another level of self-care and self nurturing.

  • She feels disconnected from her vagina, like it’s not part of her.

  • She doesn’t know her way around this part of her body and wants to be guided through her internal anatomy and discover the different pleasure zones.

  • She has pelvic tension  (some studies indicate that more than 50% of women have chronic tension in the pelvic region – and almost ALL women have some kind of pelvic tension) and wants to receive massage to relax the area

  • She feels numb during sex and wants to feel more sensation internally.

  • She wants to let go of shame or guilt related to her yoni / sexuality.

  • She has sexual trauma from rape / abuse / having sex when she didn’t feel like it / being treated disrespectfully / being penetrated before she was ready – and it’s affecting her relationship with herself and others.

  • She doesn’t have orgasms / She’s addicted to only orgasming with a vibrator / she only has clitoral orgasms / she doesn’t have orgasms during penetration and she wants to learn more about her orgasmic potential.

  • She feels quite connected to her vagina but she’s curious to learn more.

  • She wants to prepare for childbirth by letting go of old memories related to that part of her body & release tension to ensure birth is as smooth as possible.

  • She wants to gently reconnect to her Yoni after childbirth because everything feels different now.

  • She wants to heal emotionally or physically from a pelvic operation (caesarean / abortion / hysterectomy, etc) – Yoni Mapping therapists can also work with basic scar tissue remediation using castor oil.

  • She unexpectedly had a caesarean and might feel disconnected from her vagina.

  • She’s had an abortion or a miscarriage and wants to be at peace with that emotionally.

  • She understands that her Yoni is a sacred space and wants to create a more loving relationship with this part of her being.

  • She feels disconnected from her femininity and wants to feel more like a woman.

  • She wants to have an experience of feeling her body being honoured and respected.

  • Or any combination of the above!!

What actually happens in a Yoni Mapping Session?


Yoni Mapping Therapy takes 3,5 hours first time and has 2 parts.


The 1. part is a preparation and clairifying online talk between you and your therapist It takes 50 min.

This is booked separately and is mandatory before your first bodywork session. 

We will be talking about..

  • Your motivation for booking Yoni Mapping Therapy,

  • What your current situation is,

  • What you have experienced related to trauma, births, operations etc. 

  • What you wish the bodywork to focus on.

This talk gives me as your therapist an overview of what your body is also carrying before you come to the bodywork session in the clinic. 

You are invited to ask any questions you might have, so you can be fully prepared for the bodywork session. 


The 2. part is the therapeutic bodywork session of Yoni Mapping Therapy. This part takes approx. 2,5 hours and include different elements.

These usually include:​

  • short talk about thoughts since the online preparation talk.

  • anatomy / sex / yoni related education (if required)

  • agreeing on specific practices to implement at home

  • whole body nurturing bodywork

  • nurturing breast massage

  • therapeutic abdominal and pelvic massage

  • very gentle external and internal vaginal massage and mapping

  • grounding and integration sharing


Some women expect it to be a super sexual experience and can be surprised to find it extremely slow, safe, peaceful and educational.


The experience has been positive for all my Yoni Mapping clients so far. If you are interested in reading some testimonials from some of my clients click here

How do women feel after a Yoni Mapping session?​

After receiving Yoni Mapping, women often have similar things to say:

“I feel like all women need to experience this!”
“I was so nervous before but it felt so natural and normal…”
“I had no idea all that was inside of me, that it’s all part of me… ”
“I feel like I’m totally whole – I’ve never felt so complete.”
“I’m feeling all these sensations that I’ve never felt before.”
“OMG… Can you teach this to my boyfriend!?”
“It’s like my vagina and I are friends now!”


How much does Yoni Mapping cost?

The preparation and clairifying online talk cost kr. 600,- og takes 50 min. and is mandatory before the first bodywork session. Book this first and seperately.

The 1. bodywork session of Yoni Mapping Therapy cost kr. 1990,- and takes approx. 2,5 hours.

Following bodyworks sessions cost kr. 1800,- and takes approx. 2 hours.

I offer online talk sessions between bodywork sessions at 50 or 30 min. Book this session seperately and when needed.


Click on the Book session button and find the sessions and the timeslots that fits in your calender. 

Package deal:

It’s quite powerful to work with Yoni Mapping Therapy over a few sessions –
It’s a fascinating journey for for both client and practitioner.


In order to continue exploration, releasing deeper tension and trauma release, a package of 3 sessions is available for upfront purchase only for Dkr. 5.000 

Many of my clients choose to work closely over an extended period to release deeply rooted patterns and often they need more than 3 sessions, as it takes time to release and bring awareness to areas in a new and more gentle and selfloving approach.


​​​Yoni Mapping is not currently for you if:

  • You are in the first 3 months or last 2 months of pregnancy.

  • You have active cancer present in the pelvic region.

  • You are in a highly activated CURRENT state of trauma.

  • You are bleeding heavily.


Book your session by clicking the Book your session button and choose a date and time for your first session.

Contact Michaela directly on or by tel. +45 6018 4808 if you have questions.


Sessions are facilitated 30 minutes North of Copenhagen, on Slangerupgade 9 in the center of Hillerød. Entrance on the right side of the building.

Michaela Bundgaard is trained in Yoni Mapping in 2014 by:

Womens Empowerment Coach, Workshop Facilitator and Sexological Bodyworker

Bonnie Bliss from


Since then educated as Yoni Mapping Therapist in 2017 by Bonnie Bliss 

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