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General Data Protection Regulation .

25. maj 2018 the new extensive General Data Protection Regulation took effect. Please know that Heart of Chela takes care of your data.

  • We collect your name, email address and phone number in order to be able to reach you in relation to your bookings with us in Heart of Chela.

  • We collect health related information, that you yourself type in online when you book your session, or write in the intake form in the beginning of the session (only relevant in Yoni Mapping Therapy sessions) or give verbally during online and physical sessions, but it is only the information that is relevant in order to support you in the best way possible during the sessions

  • Our website collects cookies for Google analytics, which you are informed about when you visit the site.

  • We do not forward or sell any of your data/information to a third parti. 

Your have as a visitor on our website and as a client in booked sessions always the right to:

  • receive information about treatment of your person related information

  • get information about which data Heart of Chela have on you  

  • get any untrue information about you corrected

  • have your person related information deleted 

  • have your person related information moved

We ask for your consent to treat and keep the necessary and relevant information when booking a session and in person in the beginning of the session.

Our Online booking system provider Acuity Scheduling keeps all data encrypted and have the responsibility to also abide the General Data Protection Regulation. 

If you are in doubt or feel something is missing above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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