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Spiritual Counselling

Michaela makes herself available for you, who needs someone to really listen with an open heart and with no judgement.

It's natural for Michaela to hold a space of empathy, tolerance and presence so you can be guided into the areas that need processing.

The last 24 years she has worked spiritually in her own life while assisting as a spiritual intuitive guide for people, who felt called to her. She is deeply dedicated to help and support people to live a more conscious and heartopening life.

The purpose of these sessions are to:

  • Facilitate transformation, awareness and opening of the heart to a more conscious life in harmony

  • Activate the healingpotential between body, mind and soul

  • Assist in your healingprocess with emphathy, presence and love.

  • Focus on integrating the process in your life.

Each session is adapted for your unique situation. A session can include one or more of the following elements: 




Tools to work with at home

Sessions are followed up on phone or with more sessions if necessary. 

All sessions can be facilitated in English.

Price kr. 650,- per hour

Contact Michaela directly on or by tel. +45 6018 4808, for bookings and questions.

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