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Intuitive Online Coaching - Personal development

Michaela has been an intuitive coach/guide since she was 21 yrs old and now she offers her unique coaching approach online, so that you can receive coaching

that fits into Your everyday life. 

Heart of Chela offers online coaching to all who are interested in

personal development.

This approach to coaching will impact into all levels in your life. 


Online intuitive coaching is about bringing awareness into the areas,

lifethemes or specific situations, where you feel limited and challenged.

We will look at the root causes rather than staying on the surface and seeing the symptoms.

Each session is facilitated from where you are and what is present to work with. 


Do you feel stuck in behaviour patterns that create suffering in your life?

What topic do you want to look at?

Are there specific situations in your life you want to experience in a new way?

Do you want to bring awareness into limiting thought patterns and see what you can create? 

Are there blockages in areas of your life, that you are curious to understand?

What are you driven from within to transform in your life?

Are you ready to make new decisions and live by them?

Michaela can support you to discover more perspectives,

to feel a sense of grouding and to see more opportunities.

Intuitive Online Coaching by Heart of Chela is about

selflove and selfcaring... Like:

  • How you can speak more gentle with yourself 

  • How you can make decisions, that will take you in the direction you long for.

  • How you can bring your essence into play in the world.

  • How you can notice the traps you often fall into.

  • How you can become more visible and in contact with yourself with selfrespect and integrity. 

  • How you can express more of your unique authentic radiance. 

  • How you can find more balance with emotions and thoughts.

  • How you can support yourself to be more gentle with yourself and others. 

What is your commitment in this type of Coaching?

You have to be ready to do different from what you are used to. 

You have to be curious about change.

You have to be curious about your baggage from the past. 

You have to be willing to share your experiences.

How does Intuitive Online Coaching look like?

Sessions are online on Zoom. You can use your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You don't have to install Zoom in order to attend the Zoom call.

We both have open camera on so we can see each other. 

Every session can be different, but it starts from where you are and what is present in you.

A session can contain the following elements:

  • Intuitiv coaching

  • Talk Therapy

  • Trauma Release with RITS

  • Guided meditation

  • Visualizations

  • Exercises to work with between sessions.


Preparation before your session.


Write down a few examples inspired from the questions below:

  • What topic do you want us to look at?

  • Are there specific situations you want to look at?

  • Do you have behavior you are curious to alter and find the root cause to?

  • Do you experience blockages energetic/emotional/mental in areas of your life, that you want to look at?

  • What are you driven from within to transform in your life?



Good to remember with online sessions:

  • Login no later that 5 min. before your session. As soon as I'm ready I'll let you in the call.

  • Check before entering that your camera works and is on.

  • Check before entering that your sound works so we don't have to spend your session time on technic.

  • You can use headset/headphones.

  • Make sure to sit in a place where you can be undisturbed.

  • Are you late to your session, please note that the duration of the session will not be extended, as your coach could have clients right after your session.


Prices for Intuitive Online Coaching

One session takes 50 min.

1 session is Dkr. 600,-

Working with deeply rooted patterns takes time, so have that in mind.

More sessions are needed. We are working with your experiences from the past,

the thoughts that run in a loop, the reactions that is depleting you and there is no fixing here.

It's not a easy turn on/off sort of thing. 

Therefore I have several packages to choose from:

3 sessions Dkr. 1500,-

5 sessions Dkr. 2500,-

10 sessions Dkr. 5000,-

Click the Book button to choose date and time for your first session.

If you have questions, please write to me on

or call me on tel. +45 60184808.

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