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Therapeutic Healingmassage


A Healingmassage session with Michaela gives you the possibility to dive deep into your core and allow blockages and old trauma to release in a safe, calm and peaceful space.


Michaela is known for being trustworthy and peacefully calm and her empathy and loving touch can melt you into deep peace.

A session includes a short talk where you can choose the focus of the massage. F.eks. there might be a challenge or behaviour you are processing and need healing for.

The Healingmassage is received on a massage bench.

You can receive in underpants or naked and you will receive a opening full body massage with coconut oil. 

You are encouraged to communicate about the emotions, images or thoughts that surface during the Healingmassage.

After the Healingmassage we talk shortly about your further process and you receive relevant tools to help your process if relevant.

A Healingmassage can be a special time of selflove or pampering, where the only thing you have to do is, RECEIVE. 

There is also the option of the Healingmassage being a therapeutic session. 

Healingmassage is for both men and women and with a duration between 1,5-2 hours. 

Price kr. 1300,-

You can contact Michaela to book your session or ask questions directly by email: or by tel. +45 6018 4808

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What does the clients say

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River 31 år

I got a massage from Michaela during my travels in Denmark and I enjoyed her soothing presence. Her touch was soft and loving and her heart open wide.

The massage touched me on emotional and spiritual layers of my body, leaving me with a feeling of a more expanded heart, a greater sense of being grounded and more clarity of mind. I would recommend Michaela to anyone who seeks healing in the form of a gentle nurturing bodywork that touches the body on energetically levels.

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