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Healing from the heart

A peaceful and calm space where Michaela makes

her heart and bodies available for the energy that

is ready for you.


The effects of a healing are as diverse as there are clients.


Some experience a deep anchoring into the body like never before experienced and a deep sense of peace as a result.

Some experience they get in contact with deeper emotional layers within, than they normally do in their daily life.

Some experience old trauma releasing in tears and presence. Some feel their bodies more clearly.

The Healing can activate the receiver on many levels (physical, ethereal, astral, mental and on soul level) and can be deeply releasing. 

Michaela will hold space for you in cooperation with the Angelic realm and secure the space.

During the healing Michaela is guided from within to give conscious nurturing touch and to guide you into visualizations to promote a deeper integration of the healing.

When you receive healing you are lying down on the massage table fully clothed or in underwear - what ever feels best for the client.

Price kr. 650,- for 1 hour.

You can contact Michaela to book your session or ask questions directly by email: or by tel. +45 6018 4808

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